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Every single person deserves good quality sleep every single night! In our busy routine, we end up neglecting the significance of good sleep and also don’t realize the adverse impact it can cause on our lives. When we talk about life, we need to consider both the mental and physical aspects of its lack of quality sleep can risk both at quite a dangerous level. Quality of sleep ensures how productive and fresh you are all day long. If you look at core factors for a peaceful and relaxing night’s sleep, good-quality bed linen is surely on the list. PNAK is one of the leading bed linen manufacturers in India, offering premium quality bed linen that is perfect to provide you comfort as well as enhance the appearance of your room. Our bed linen is exceptionally helpful for getting proper sleep.

PNAK is the trusted bed linen supplier in India and we never compromise on our standards and quality. Our high-quality bed linen is also perfect for hotels and hospitals. Being one of the top bed sheet manufacturers in India, we offer a wide range of bed linen products such as coil covers, wash bags, blankets, bolsters, bed covers, duvets, and bedding covers. And cloths we use in all our bedding products are durable, long, hygienic, and cost-effective.

What is bed linen and how it is important?

Bed linen is a flat woven fabric and it does not have any central seam. It is commonly known as bedsheets or bedding or bedclothes and it is a washable and changeable piece of cloth used on sleeping mattresses. Generally, a complete bedding kit includes bed sheets, pillow covers, blankets or duvets, etc. and our bed linen is perfect for all these products.

Importance and uses of bed linen:

  • It provides warmth

  • Improves mattress safety

  • Add style to your room

  • Mattress life extension

  • It helps to keep the bed clean and dirt-firm and improves hygiene

  • Good quality bed linen improves the quality of sleep

Material We use for Bed Linen

Bed Linen comes in a variety of fabrics but cotton is the most preferable fabric for it. For the manufacturing of bed linen products, cotton fabric is spun with yarn. This fabric is fluffy and cool in nature and generally, it is called cotton wool. Other materials, like starches, that we use in the weaving process to make threading the cotton fabric soft and smooth.

After the wool woven process, the washing and bleaching process involves the use of caustic chemicals (e.g. hydrogen peroxide and other bleaches). This is done to ensure all the colors are removed from the fabric before starting the dying process. During the dying process to get the color fastness and standard consistency chemically medicated dyes are used. These chemical dyes must be licensed and approved by the government.

PNAK is one of the top bed linen manufacturers in India and our bedding products are long-lasting yet cost-effective. Clients have various options to choose from as our bed linens come in a variety of colors and textures.

Why choose PNAK for Bed Linen?

As one of the largest bed sheet manufacturers in India, we design and made our bed sheets in such a way that we are not only suppliers for India but for various leading countries around the globe also. Our bed linen product range includes bed covers, bolsters, cushion covers, quilts, pillows bedspreads, comforters, laundry bags, and duvet covers and all these products are lost-lasting, durable, and affordable.

We are an eminent name in the industry and always ensure to establish a long-term relationship with our customers by providing them with high-quality products. We take pride in offering you the products that meet your requirements.

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