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Why Buy PNAK school Uniforms?

The school uniform is the same set of clothes that every child wears when they get ready for school. Every school has a different and customized uniform and every school’s uniform varies from another, anyone can easily identify that a student belongs to a particular school based on their dress.Uniform manufacturers need to make sure that students feel comfortable in their school dress. PNAK is one of the most trusted and well-established school uniform manufacturers in India . Our team always focuses on the student’s needs and designs the best-suited school dress for every student.

As one of the top school uniform suppliers in India, we customized every design to provide you best school uniforms. We design uniforms as per your demands and always try to cater to all the sets of requirements, stated by the school. At PNAK we understand students spend almost 8-10 hours in school uniform hence, we offer the most comfortable uniforms which also give unique look to your students. Nowadays everything is about trends, therefore, we design and manufacture fashionable uniforms which are appreciated by students and parents also. Each and every school has different needs regarding their school wear and we try to cater to all the demands by supplying the best quality school uniforms.

Why Choose us as your School Uniform Supplier?

As a market leader, we notice that school uniform vendor does not provide uniforms as per the schedule and this is a major issue that bothers all the students. We have a team of professionals who have years of experience in delivering uniforms on time and contacting students’ parents. PNAK is a pioneered school uniform manufacturer in India, we offer a large and extended assortment of trousers and shirts in all ranges of sizes and fittings, keeping the school theme in mind.

We are glad to inform you that we are one of the biggest institution’s uniform fabric suppliers in a variety of mills in Ahmedabad. Our teams have undergone extensive training to ensure that our customers receive the best quality of products. We offer personalized color-based uniforms at a very reasonable price. We produce a wide range of school uniforms such as skirts, frocks, tunics for girls and shirts, trousers and half pants for boys. For a quote on school uniforms for your grades, contact our team now.


  • Customization : We manufacture and design customized uniforms for your school based on your demands. We offer uniforms for all grades such as our half pants are most suitable for primary kids.

  • Affordable Price: As we have our in-house production facility our pricing is very affordable.

  • Quality Fabric: At PNAK we understand students require uniforms that give them comfort hence, we use quality and durable fabric to design school uniforms.

  • Reflects school’s image: We design uniforms that truly represent your school’s image so people can easily identify that particular youngster belongs to your school.

  • Trendy and fashionable: Our designs are not only functional but also trendy and stylish, PNAK delivers the most stylish school uniforms in the region.