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Patients! Check-ups! Surgeries! Medical Research! Stethoscopes! Hoarding Quality Medicines! – Isn’t this exactly what your routine looks like as a doctor, surgeon, or anyone closely related to the medical profession? Of course, Yes! Every healthcare professional provides expert medical services within the protocol and follows a stringent schedule. While following such a strict timeline daily, we are confident that thinking about your medical apparel wouldn’t have crossed your mind! That is probably because the term clothing or apparel is often linked to fashion and styling.

Indeed medical scrub suits have a hint of fashion, genial style and a specific colour code to follow. But apart from this, medical apparel brings enormous comfort and acts as good protection gear. If you haven’t considered opting for Hospital uniforms for your hospital or standalone clinic staff, allow PNAK’s leading Scrub Suit Manufacturer in India team to tell you why you should invest in them.

1.Professional Identification:

Whether it is the army, hospitality industry or any company, a dress code cum uniform gives a sense of identity. Similarly, the medical staff is revered and honoured as Frontline workers to protect and safeguard people's lives. Allowing them an exclusive medical scrub suit or uniform will help them be distinguished from patients or other citizens. Patients also trust those adorning medical apparel. Nowadays, many hospitals follow a different coloured scrub for each team of Surgeons, Doctors and Nurses. This boosts the morale of the medical experts and helps differentiate, thus, improving the brand image and business of the hospital.

2.Durable, Reusable, Comfortable:

As an expert Scrub Suit Manufacturer in India, we use the finest quality materials and fabrics to design the most comfortable, easy to wear and resistant against wear and tear medical uniforms. With 100 per cent cotton scrub suits being the most preferred and manufactured apparel, we also provide a range of other fabrics such as poly-cotton blends, polyester, polyester carbon, lint-free, poly-viscose and raymond cotton. The medical clothing we manufacture and supply is designed for more prolonged use and is incredibly economical.

3.Unparalleled Hygiene:

When in contact with patients, you are exposed to bacteria, germs and viruses. Our thick and high-quality scrub suits are anti-bacterial, anti-odour and anti-microbial, thus, protecting the wearer from contracting any diseases. Patients tend to release a lot of body fluids such as blood, urine, pus, vomit etc. Hence, the safety and health of doctors and nurses are crucial. Therefore, medical apparel prevents transferring these body fluids to the medical staff and delivers excellent and lasting hygiene and protection.

4.Flexible and Functional:

It is no secret that healthcare specialists and professionals have the most physically straining and exhausting job. Conducting surgeries, standing on their feet for long hours, continuous patient check-ups, lifting patients, and running around for emergencies. Bearing these factors in mind, at PNAK, we design and customise breathable scrub suits to avoid irritation, are flexible to move around and provide a range of motion consistently. Medical workers also have several things to hold and carry, such as masks, scalpels, stethoscopes, pens, scissors and many other accessories. You cannot keep them in your hand or struggle to find them when a patient is waiting. Medical apparel will offer a minimum of 3 large pockets that provide enough room to keep and carry all the utilities. Thus, at PNAK, you will receive functional and flexible uniform febric to adjust to your work shifts and body type.

PNAK – Your Trusted Scrub Suit Manufacturer

Stay safe and continue working and serving your patients for long hours without worrying about your uniforms tearing, stains or wrinkles! How? With PNAK’s experienced, quality-tested and premium scrub suits manufactured for you. As the top Scrub Suit Manufacturer in India, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our products.

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Here are the comparison of various kinds of fabrics best suited for Medical Scrubs.

Cotton - Properties of Cotton

Comfortable throughout the year Fades with washing Easy to clean – launder in cold or hot water.
Soft fabric Shrinks lay out to dry to prevent shrinking.
Gives nice fit Fibers soil easily
Durable Wrinkles easily
No build-up of static electricity
Cotton makes fabric absorbent
Cotton makes fabric comfortable


Easy care Rough texture Turn inside out to prevent snags and pilling.
Durable Builds up static electricity Wash in warm water, using fabric softener to prevent static.
No stretching Not as cool as cotton Dry on low temperature with dryer sheet, or line dry.
No shrinking
Dries Quick
Wears well
Polyester helps retain shape
Polyester resists stains and wrinkles


Lightweight Rough Texture Machine-wash in warm water with a cold rinse.
Durable Machine-dry any garments containing spandex on medium temperature.
Resistant to stretching and shrinking
Prevents bagging and sagging


Durable Wrinkles easily It is best to hand wash and line dry.
Extremely absorbent May stretch when wet If manufacturer’s label allows for washing, wash on delicate cycle and lay flat or hang dry.
Comes in a variety of qualities and weights May shrink when washed
Drapes well Not as durable as polyester.
Looks soft and silky